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Good business ideas are difficult to come up with. You have to be practical and realistic to turn that idea into a reality.  The use of the right resources and opportunities is imperative when you’re trying to launch a business in a tech-driven landscape. Every industry in today’s time, from retail and automotive to tourism and hospitality use business mobile apps to build and secure their futures. 

If you’re planning to launch your startup in the market then you definitely need all the help you can get to make a breakthrough entry. The right resources and tools play a critical role in getting your app the success it needs. And starting off by landing a good internet connection is one of them. Sign up for EarthLink Internet plans and gear up for a smooth and effective research and development process. From incredibly reasonable prices to great EarthLink support, develop your mobile app with the best connectivity and experience. 

Once you’ve taken care of that, you can dig for ideas that will make it big in an already saturated and competitive market. The idea you choose should reflect the vision, mission, and goal of your startup. To help you out, we’ve rounded up a few ideas you can go for that will highlight your startup in the industry! Check them out below:

A personal chef app

Cooking is a form of art. Some are born great cooks, others not so much. And becoming a professional cook takes years of learning, unlearning, practicing, and making mistakes. The Food Network and YouTube are what get us by in situations where we have to cook a decent meal ourselves, so if there’s anything faster and accessible that we need to simplify our lives a bit more, it’s definitely a personal chef app. 

A personal chef app is a perfect assistant to have by your side in the kitchen. Food is a love language and nothing beats a home meal prepared with love and effort. The app is designed to serve more than just basic recipes. From amateurs to professionals, everyone can find multiple dishes verified and shared by experts and professional chefs mastering different cuisines. 

The app will connect you to a verified chef nearby with the help of geolocation technology and allow users to add their favorite recipes to their own list rate the recipes they’ve tried and share their experiences.

Travel planner app

Planning a trip is fun yet stressful. How many times have you planned a trip with your friends only to end up not going because of bad timing, conflicting schedules, time-wasting itineraries, and millions of excuses? But thanks to travel planner apps, you don’t have to go through that ever again. A smart travel planner helps you schedule your trips by taking your work schedule and your friends’ work schedules, deadlines, assignments, and important dates into account and coming up with an ideal trip itinerary. 

It will also hook you up with the best travel agents, and flights that will save you time and money, along with sharing the best destination and touristic spots you can’t miss out on! Every travel bug needs a smart travel planner on their smartphones, so why not build one?

Parking Space app

Living in a big city means dealing with insane traffic and struggling with finding a parking space regularly. It’s a common trouble for many living in developed or developing cities with a huge population. But thanks to technological advancements, there’s a solution to every problem now. A specific parking space app designed for the public can definitely come in handy. The purpose of the app is to identify an empty parking spot and aid the driver in finding a good parking space. 

It will work in real-time and factor in peak hours, busy areas, public parking spaces, parking lots, and much more to leverage real-time traffic data with the help of Google and GPS.

The Bottom Line

Launching a startup is anything but easy. But when you have a good idea to put into action, things become easier. We hope the ideas mentioned above got your creative juices flowing to help you change the world one app at a time! 

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