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Do you want to make the most of the features of your PC or your console? Well, pay attention if you are interested in buying a monitor to play. Wow wotlk gold, a brand specialized in screens, monitors and tablets, has released five tips to save money on the purchase of a gaming monitor.

1. Adapt to the resolution offered by your graphics card

The first thing you should take into account is the resolution of the monitor, which completely depends on what the graphics card of your PC or console is capable of. There’s no point in getting a 4K monitor if your system can only do 1080p. If you are thinking of getting good value for your next monitor, 4K resolution may not be the most recommended option.

Betting on 1440p is a success to enjoy current games, obtaining more visual details and a higher and more stable frame rate. It is a good range to establish with medium and high-end graphics cards, since by setting the ceiling at 1440p you will be able to better balance the assets for the graphic load in the games.

2. The experience is still excellent without going above 144 Hz

For most gamers, a monitor’s 1440p and 144Hz ratio may be better than 1080p and 240Hz. The reality is that the benefit gained in that extra refresh rate is marginal, although all games will look great. Better at 1400p than 1080p. There are always exceptions, such as wotlk gold, eSports players, but for the general public it is important to make a good balance that also affects the price.

3. Response time is important, but not decisive

Another important factor when purchasing a gaming monitor is response times, that is, the time, measured in milliseconds, between the end of the frame rendering by the GPU until our eyes see the image on the screen. Many monitors have a response time of 5ms or 4ms, which is acceptable, although 1ms or less is more suitable for gaming. It is a section where you can make a concession without fear that your gaming experience will be affected, unless you are looking for instant answers in online games.

4. A VA panel is cheaper and just as spectacular

Currently, VA panels have managed to match the advantages of the popular IPS and even be superior in some aspects. VA is an LED-backlit LCD panel that offers good contrast ratios, so you can expect vibrant colors and faithful color reproduction. Likewise, it stands out especially in the shadows thanks to the deep blacks, a section where it clearly surpasses the IPS, since it fails to achieve the purity of the black. The best buy wotlk gold? VA panels are significantly cheaper than IPS.

5. A bigger monitor doesn’t always look better

To save money when buying a gaming monitor, you should also look at inches as a determining factor. Recommendations vary depending on the distance you play at; however, if we are talking about a 32-inch monitor and a resolution of 1080p, the pixel density will be very low and, therefore, there will be less detail and sharpness. A slightly smaller monitor and higher resolution is more recommended for much more satisfying results when gaming.

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