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As students enter the upper primary level, they feel difficulty in understanding how to study from the textbook. The syllabus becomes vast, and books also seem to be heavier. So, students get afraid and confused about how they can complete the textbooks and entire syllabus in the academic year. To help them with this, here we have provided some tips which will remove all this confusion and give them clarity on how they should go and study the books. Here, we will be mainly discussing the Samacheer Kalvi books for Tamil Nadu Board students of Class 6. 

Steps to Follow While Studying the Samacheer Kalvi 6thTextbook

We all know that students who read the textbooks several times by covering all the topics get a good command of the topic. But just randomly studying will not give fruitful results. Students need to follow a proper strategy and study in an organised way to make their maximum benefit. Below, we have provided some steps which will help them in studying the Samacheer Kalvi 6th books in a structured manner. 

1. Have a look at the syllabus

Students must have a look at the syllabus before beginning their studies. It will give them an overview of the topics which are to be studied in the academic session. Moreover, they will get a list of topics which are to be studied from the Samacheer Kalvi books. 

2. Make notes while studying a topic

Students must build a habit of making notes while studying any topic from the book. Making short and concise notes gives an overview of the topic. This will help them during revision. Also, they will be able to recall the concepts easily. 

3. Make a separate formula sheet

For subjects like maths, making a separate formula sheet will help in remembering the formulas. For other subjects, students can create short notes. They can note down the summary of a topic in a crisp manner. Doing so will help students during revision in the exam.

4. Solve the exercise questions

After completing a chapter, it’s important that students should go through the exercise problem. These questions will also test students’ capability of what they have learnt from the chapter. So, students must try to solve these questions by themselves. If they face difficulties in answering any question, then they can take help from their friends, teachers and parents. 

5. Revise the notes

Students must revise the notes frequently. They must revise the chapters and topics after every one week or 15 days. Doing so will help in recalling the studied topics and their concepts. Frequent revisions will help during exam preparation as students don’t have to go into detail about each topic. Just by having a look at it they will recall all the concepts.  

We hope these tips must have helped students in their exam preparation. They can also access the Samacheer Kalvi books for all Classes 1 to 12, comprising major subjects in downloadable pdf format for free. 

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