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Have you recently given much consideration to what’s under your feet?

As a company owner, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression on prospective consumers. If you do, up to 24% of your customers are likely to remain loyal for up to two years!

So, how does a custom rugs with logo fit in? If you’ve already invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing techniques that aren’t yielding results, you may be forgetting one of the most critical variables.

What is a floor mat with a commercial logo?

Welcome mats date all the way back to the nineteenth century. The form, size, style, and substance of the first-floor mats varied according to their ethnic roots.

The design and materials of floor mats nowadays are determined by their location and function. Outdoor floor mats might be composed of nylon, rubber, or even metal, but modern bathroom floor mats are often absorbent and slip-resistant.

Perhaps you have one in front of your house. But do you have one in front of your store?

This is taken to the next level with a commercial brand floor mat. Rather than featuring generic graphics, these floor mats draw attention to your company.

Make an eye-catching entry to your company, either outside or within your doorway. Consider it a large billboard that attracts foot traffic and gets you recognized!

Customized doormats

Alternatively, you may not have a large enough entryway to accommodate a full-fledged business brand floor mat. Instead, have you considered a custom customized doormat?

These mats, like commercial logo mats, are likely to draw notice since they are printed in full color. Use them to welcome customers into your establishment or to advertise your brand at industry events and conferences!

Rugs with initials

A customized rug is another choice for your company. With four primary variations, the personalization possibilities are limitless depending on the form, intricacy, and colors of your logo—as well as the shape, size, and material of your rug.

Furthermore, we offer two methods for creating bespoke doormats and producing them to your specifications.

The first way entails printing your company’s logo digitally. This method pays close attention to detail since it employs an industry-leading printer that reproduces digital pictures more than ten times better than other printers on the market.

The second step is to hand-inlay and carve the rug into the high-end nylon carpet. Whatever path you choose, you can be certain that we will always honor your precise requirements.

Mats for entrances

Entrance mats are one of the easiest ways to advertise your company. And, with all of the distinct customization possibilities available, you’re sure to discover the appropriate one to fit your specific requirements.

Advantages of commercial floor mats

They’re not simply excellent for making money, but that’s a significant bonus. The perfect commercial logo floor mat will not only offer aesthetic and monetary worth to your company; it will also fulfill a variety of tasks that simply make sense.

Floor defense

What kind of flooring do you have at your establishment? Is it made of wood? Laminate? Tile? Concrete? Carpeting? Your business logo mat will protect you regardless of the flooring.

In general, individuals walk over the whole floor. The entranceway, on the other hand, absorbs the brunt of foot traffic.

A floor mat will not only protect this important region of your company, but it will also reduce your overall exposure to water and other outside detritus.

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