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The first of all will be to take care of our profile on the social network, which is why it is advisable to have an attractive profile photo that is as clear as possible, avoiding including texts in it. 

If we had to add text yes or yes in our profile picture, it is best that we use simple fonts that look good on any device.

Keep in mind that on Instagram the profile photo will always be seen in a relatively small size, which also cannot be enlarged. 

It is not a question of taking a very close-up, but if you put a photo in profile in which you can see the Eiffel Tower behind you and in its entirety, then you will not be distinguished. 

The same thing happens with sunglasses, hats that cover your face, that cigarette appear or that you are drinking alcohol. You may think that your public will appreciate it, but the image you cause is negative in all aspects.


But not only is our profile a photo, but it is also important to have an interesting and original biography to promote ourselves and be able to attract new followers, you can also buy real instagram followers from It is interesting to fill in all the additional contact fields such as the website (if we have it), the email, etc.

In the field where you add the text of the biography, it is recommended to briefly indicate the content that you offer in your publications, with text or in a list. 

Depending on the type of profile and its content, you can add your location or some other information that explains who you are. You can accompany it with emoticons, but without abusing it, without going to the extreme, the secret lies in the balance.


Not to mention the username we choose, since it should be original, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. It is useless to have an original name if it is difficult to remember or difficult to write when looking for it.

Bad content or random numbers do not make us a mystical and original profile, they confuse and generate mistrust. As far as we can, it should be a readable and descriptive name, which conveys who you are or what your name is without having to think too much or ask questions.

Explode the Reels

Instagram launched Reels a few months ago, a function with which it intends to stand up to one of its biggest rivals: TikTok. Right now Reels is as or more important than Instagram Stories in terms of positioning ourselves, since the application itself recommends the featured Reels in its feed of popular posts. Also, Reels have their own menu between the profile options next to Instagram TV, tagged photos, and the main feed.

To make a Reel you must take into account that its duration is only 15 seconds and that you can use your creativity much more than in the videos or photos of the feed, since you can apply all the filters of the Instagram stories and also add music and speed effects. 

So that you don’t forget the 15-second duration, Reels incorporates a tool called a timer that will allow you to set the duration of the video or start a countdown to record in hands-free mode.

Once you control the management of the Reels, you have to use hashtags in order to reach a larger audience. Also, don’t forget the trends or challenges, those viral challenges that can also make you reach many more people and therefore have more chances that Instagram will highlight you as a popular account with experts Goread.

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